Our approach

We enable our clients to make better business decisions. By using our leading technology we integrate our client’s disparate data sets into a coherent whole. The result is cohesive business intelligence that yields powerful insights that are easy-to-extract.

Our value proposition combines three key elements:

Our people – It’s important that we are respected and trusted by our clients and the industry. This is why the Dataorbis team is made up of hand-picked professionals with extensive experience in the FMCG, IT and technology industries. Their skills ensure that we deliver market insights that consistently add real-value to our clients businesses.

Our process - Our dedicated operations team applies industry best practices to provide accurate and extensive market intelligence.

Our platform - Our solutions are delivered through our cloud-based platform.

The platform offers multiple benefits:

  • Global geographical scalability

  • A basis for innovation and new applications

  • Low risk - no capital expenditure in hardware, software and development

  • Industry-leading security.

Our solutions are available as either an outsourced product or a self-help Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.