Often companies have or can access the data needed to unlock business value but the data "hides" within different silos in the business or even externally within the supply chain. The DataOrbis Platform enables collaboration between colleagues, trade partners and even third party providers to put the data in the hands of the analysts who can put it to work.

The key features of the platform which facilitate collaboration include:

Community - collaborate with colleagues, business partners and third-party data and research providers to break down the silos that hide your data. Our single instance multi-tenanted platform has been architected to facilitate data sharing where desired.

User permissions and roles - the platform has a comprehensive framework of security permissions and application roles which ensures that users only have access to functionality and information for which they have been authorised.

Messaging - allows users to communicate with each other as well as receive platform notifications and reminders. These messages can also be pushed to you via email and SMS.

Multi-language - platform supports multi-language translation.