Most companies have long had access to vast amounts of data. Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies and retailers, in particular, capture or have access to transaction data about every SKU sold to every customer at every store. In addition, sophisticated market research and modelling techniques are used to answer a variety of business questions and now there is also access to social media information and other large data sets known as big data.

Access to all this data offers immense possibilities but what does it take to turn this potential into actual value? We believe that fully exploiting these data assets requires the three capabilities below.

The DataOrbis Platform is a secure and scalable cloud-based platform that enables companies to develop or enhance these capabilities and rapidly build agile solutions that are not possible with traditional data warehousing and BI tools.

  • collaboration

    Often companies have or can access the data needed to unlock business value but the data "hides" within different silos in the business or even externally within the supply chain. The AppOrbis platform enables collaboration between colleagues, trade partners and even third party providers to put the data in the hands of the analysts who can put it to work. Read More

  • integration

    Traditional enterprise data warehouse environments generally do not lend themselves to the integration of the many different sets of data that exist within an organisation. The AppOrbis platform provides necessary tools to centralise, process, transform and integrate all your disparate data assets, providing a basis for more comprehensive insights. Read More

  • insights

    The DataOrbis Platform integrates structured reporting and a best-in-class rapid fire BI tool to author and deliver data visualizations and dashboards. This includes the ability to integrate statistical models written in the popular R language. Read More

Our cloud information platform provides ease-of-use, speed, availability and security without our clients having to manage physical infrastructure. All our services delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and are hosted on a single instance, multi-tenanted architecture in the Microsoft Azure cloud. It has been developed using some of the latest, most advanced web and cloud technology available to ensure a secure and rich experience for the user.