Market benchmark

The retail environment in the less modern, unstructured markets in developing countries is constantly changing and evolving. Market share data is generally used as the measure of who is winning but in many of these markets, robust market share data is either non-existent or if available, is often of very questionable quality. In addition to this, because of the statistical methods very often used to put this data together, drilling down into the data to obtain actionable insights is often not possible.

DataOrbis has taken a different and innovative approach to tackling these challenges. We believe that market share will improve as a function of building your brand in a market and getting your products to the consumer. The store is where the majority of purchasing decisions are made and route to market is therefore critically important. This is where we believe we can assist you.

We offer clients the opportunity to participate in our Route to Market Benchmark where, without exposing your individual company data, you are able to benchmark your route to market performance against our defined industry.

All participants are required to contribute their in-market sales information to the pool and access to the benchmark is restricted to the participants. The more participants, the richer the benchmark and ultimately actual market share could be achieved.

Immediate benefits of the benchmark include:

  • Defined market size and growths
  • Broad category sizes and growths
  • Participation % of defined market and board categories
  • Defined outlet universe peneration
  • Regional contributions and growths (industry vs own)
  • City / Town contributions and growths (industry vs own)
  • Named outlet contributions and growths (industry vs own)*

Interest in this solution has been very positive and robust benchmarks are already up and running in a significant number of markets.

*Named outlets limited to those common to 3 or more participants to protect exclusive customers and re-distributors