By Marketing     18th July 2019

Since opening its doors DataOrbis has been compiling detailed intelligence reports for players in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Initially using PDFs to deliver the data, the company quickly realised these static reports didn’t allow clients to delve into the data the way they wanted them to.

Keen to innovate and find a better solution, DataOrbis opted to implement Gartner-recommended analytics platform Tableau in 2013. The result is interactive reports delivered to clients on a daily basis.

“Tableau’s visual approach to analytics allows us to present a huge amount of data in a way that doesn’t overwhelm our clients. Today 98% of our reports are delivered in Tableau allowing clients to interrogate every aspect of their data using intuitive dashboards and filters in near-real time,” said Nicola Lapage, DataOrbis’ Head of Insights.

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