Food service index

For many consumer companies, the food service industry is an important market channel and one that has grown ahead of retail in many instances. Despite this, in many markets there is very little market information available and companies are flying blind to a large extent.

With the support of some of the largest players in the South African food service industry, we have pioneered an industry first which was successfully launched in February 2013.

We offer clients the opportunity to participate in our Food Service Index where, without exposing your individual company data, you will have access to general food service industry size and performance indicators as well as being able to benchmark your performance.

All participants are required to contribute detailed ex-factory sales information to the pool and access to the index is restricted to the participants.

Benefits of the index include:

  • Industry size and growths
  • Detailed category sizes and growths
  • Participation % of defined market and board categories
  • Defined outlet universe peneration
  • Regional contributions and growths (industry vs own)
  • City / town contributions and growths (industry vs own)
  • Named distributor contributions and growths (industry vs own)*

Interest in this solution has been very positive and our benchmark continues to grow all the time.

*Named outlets limited to those common to 3 or more participants to protect exclusive customers and re-distributors