Offices in locations that ensure a strong regional presence across Africa and the Middle East.


Our employees are our most valuable assets. They’re the driving force that propels the innovation and value we provide our clients. We’re extremely serious about attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent. We invest in our staff and reward them accordingly.

  • Zulfa Allie Cassoo
    Operations Manager

    “The basic and greatest quality of good leadership starts with unquestionable integrity. DataOrbis embodies trustworthy leadership that starts within each team. As an organisation, it’s proof that when there’s a high account of trust it becomes the corporate culture. ”

  • Heath Batt
    Junior Insights Analyst

    “Teamwork is a core part of the value system at DataOrbis and at the heart of all its employees. We are a high performing team that rely on each other. ”

  • Yacoob Mohammed
    Projects Analyst

    “Innovation is a key ingredient that makes DataOrbis tick. It’s one of our values and each team is encouraged to innovate and continuously improve what they do. It’s not uncommon for different teams to drive a new innovation together. This is what gets me excited to get up in the morning. ”

  • Samantha Gouws
    HR Director

    “Leadership & passion are two qualities DataOrbis advocates on a daily basis. These values allow me to recruit based on matching passion to role. The result is employees who love their jobs, reach their individual potential and build motivated and successful teams. Watching someone come in as a junior and be promoted quickly is an incredibly rewarding experience. ”


Well-rounded people who share our core values of Trust, Teamwork, Innovation, Leadership and Passion. People with a head for innovation. People who are proactive, energetic and committed. People who understand that our competitive edge comes from exceeding our clients’ expectations. If this describes you, apply now