We have developed and, in some cases, pioneered innovative solutions to provide for the market information needs of our clients. The following solutions are delivered through our cloud-based platform and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

  • distributor data
    Distributor data integration

    We provide an expert and cost effective solution that facilitates data sharing and integration across multiple distributors and delivers regular insight in a consistent format to all the relevant parties. We are already integrating in-market data from more than 100 distributors across Africa and the Middle East. Read More

  • market benchmark
    Route-to-market benchmark

    We offer clients the opportunity to participate in our Route to Market Benchmark where, without exposing your individual company data, you are able to benchmark your route to market performance against our defined industry. Read More

  • food service
    Food service index

    We offer clients the opportunity to participate in our Food Service Index where, without exposing your individual company data, you will have access to general food service industry size and performance indicators as well as being to benchmark your performance. Read More

  • retail scan
    Retail scan data

    We provide a comprehensive solution for collecting, processing and providing insights on your retail scan data. We work as your outsourced department to handle all your scan data analysis and reporting needs. We provide your team with pre-configured reports and flexible ad-hoc analysis tools for on-line access to SKU and store level analysis. Read More

  • advanced analytics
    Advanced analytics

    We offer a suite of statistical models have been developed by leading academics and industry professionals. This practice ensures that our clients have access to relevant models that utilise modern methods and techniques, to provide them with a competitive edge. Read More

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